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In Pennsylvania, as in many other states, supervision is a critical component of the process of becoming a licensed professional counselor (LPC). Supervision is designed to ensure that aspiring counselors receive appropriate guidance, support, and oversight as they gain the practical experience and clinical skills required to provide effective counseling services. Here are the key aspects of supervision in Pennsylvania for individuals seeking LPC licensure:

Supervision Requirements: To become an LPC in Pennsylvania, you typically need to complete a total of 3,000 hours of supervised post-master's clinical experience, in no less than 2 years, but no more than 6 years. (2400 hours with a Doctoral Degree)

In addition, you must have successfully passed the NCE, CRC, ATCB, or other board approved examination. 

Link to more details on licensure: 49 Pa. Code § 49.13. Licensed professional counselor. (
To learn more about supervision availability, rates, or scheduling please see the "Contact" section. 

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